Special Offers

Pavestone classic riven sandstone, calibrated to 22mm thick.

We are having a deal on our 20.70m2 packs. We have some Light grey and Fossil Mint, available

£16.99 per m2 + vat –

£351.69 per pack + vat – 20.70m2/pk

20.7m2 Contractor Pack (Crate), 900mm x 600mm (17 pieces), 600mm x 600mm (17 pieces), 600mm x 290mm (18 pieces) ,290mm x 290mm (19 pieces)  , 71 pieces (Crate) cover approximately 20.7m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 7-14mm.

Pavestone 100x100 black granite setts 40/70mm thick

£0.50p each + vat