How we can help?

At Jubilee Building Supplies we can help in various ways, in order to aid trade and public complete their jobs and tasks. Contact us today on 01344 789400 and one of our advisers will be able to help you find the products your are looking for. If you are in need of a quotation you can speak to one of our adviser or use our Jubilee Quick Quote located at the top right hand side of our website.


  • Jubilee offer a free delivery service, locally for anything over £100.
  • We can approximately work out concrete bases, patios, and decking.
  • We can, on behalf of our supplier, offer a brick matching service.
  • One of our suppliers can calculate block and beam jobs from drawings sent over, then delivered direct to site
  • Roof trusses can be calculated from drawings, then delivered direct to site
  • Complete jobs, can be worked out from how much labour you would need, to the actual products and quantities, this service will cost though.
  • We can arrange direct to site orders, such as loose aggregates, plasterboard, insulation,bricks and many more.
  • Anything we don’t have in store, within reason, can be ordered in within a few days. we do this a lot with power tools etc.
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